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The Itinerant Art Exhibition Partnership. 21st century.
(Saint Petersburg)

The Itinerant Art Exhibition Partnership. 21st century. (Saint Petersburg) is an artists` association founded in Saint Petersburg in 2005 with a view to revive the best traditions in Russian arts as represented in works by Kramskoy, Perov, Shishkin, Myasoedov, Repin and other 19th-century itinerants. Unlike their predecessors, the present itinerants advance, along with the (pure) realistic approach in art, some different and time-proved artistic concepts relating to the World of Arts and the Russian Artists` Union in their time, and to some subsequent associations and trends.

Melnikov Ivan, Two Stylistic diversity and different creative approaches to their subjects and objects are never treated by current itinerants as an end in themselves. The access to real life and educational activities, typical for the Partnership, are in common with their predecessors. One specific feature consists in discovering and displaying the works representing the lofty humanistic goals of Russian art. Another declared feature is the proactive approach involving both individual aesthetic feeling of spectators and their ability to grasp other important qualities of art, first of all, content-richness. The most important aspect of the Partnership is the desire to identify more valuable works among the broad circle of artists and to integrate them in a single cultural space. Not infrequently, some of them seem unsuitable for other exhibitions or collections, and often unclaimed. According to Partnership`s ideologists, this approach offers a way to maintain the artists` interest in content-rich art, while protecting them against the fluctuations of fashion. Thus very different in their manner and execution works by Valery Tabulinsky, Vadim Gubin, Vasily Brataniuk, Antonina Krivichanina and other artists, never appear as isolated. They have a common sensitive and thoughtful approach to individual personality, to specific national lanscape, to the memory of their origins, to their visions, and to the empathic quality so characteristic of the Russian soul.

Yuri Belozersky only attracts interest as a portrait painter penetrating the innermost feeling of his characters. He maintains an active search for pictorial composition without sacrificing the essence of art.

The sculptured images by Olga Ivashintseva, Alexander Molev and Viacheslav Ulanov show both thematic and technical differences. Dramatically strong characters by Ivashintseva have nothing in common with those created by other authors. With Molev, they are grotesquely convex while remaining as forcible as with Ulanova or Ivashintseva.

Oleg Tatarnikov with his painting Khosta. An Evening Café represents the Tatarnikov artistic dynasty well-known in Petersburg.

Versatile wild nature is depicted by the most important Russian animal sculptor, V.M. Novikov (Vargachev). His characters manifest individual temper and habits. He belongs to the galaxy of artists both adopting and appreciating past traditions, and further developing the marvelous genre.

Another splendid example is provided by effective work of Vasily Brataniuk in genre painting. His ballet pictures showing specific masters of the art also present interesting plots. The viewer almost believes that dancers are close with us, and the situations on the stage and in the wings are quite real. His paintings all combine a homeliness of the action and a solemnity of the moment. Quite a different mood emanates a B. Semenov`s portrait of Valery Gergiev, a strong and contradictory personality. An antithesis presents a portrait of young poet N. Rubtsov by Constantine Ivanov, author of drawing studies ("Walking Buffoon"), etc. Also of interest, are works by prominent Petersburg painter and instructor to many generations of artists, Academician Oleg Arkadievich Eremeev.

With each exhibition, the range of artists extends, their works acquiring enhanced appeal and content. The exhibition entitled "A Tribute to the Theatre" in the Theatre Gallery at A.A. Bakhrushin Museum, in the retrospective section, contained works by painter from Moscow, Evgeny Alexeevich Ustinov, noted for his Pushkin studies, in various genres and subjects including theatrical. His works dedicated to the art of Ulanova, Baryshev, Petrov, Stan`ko reflect his great love of theatre and music.

Most of the works are created by noted artists in Petersburg, graduating from I.E. Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at the Russian Academy of Arts, V.I. Surikov Institute,V.I. Mukhina Higher School of Industrial Design, V. Serov School, and other highly esteemed cultural institutions.

Exhibitions are always selected with utmost care, among thousands works. The Partnership Board regards this as the only possibility to preserve Russian national arts. Of course, selection is always subject to criticism, both from the outside and within the association. The strict approach guarantees future success. The ideology of our association, as formulated by Gennady Gubanov, Yuri Belozersky and Valery Vyborzhanin, is based on preserving the sound traditions of the Russian school of pictorial arts, and the best qualities of Russian civil identity. Partnership members believe that the range and the level of artistic contribution will grow with each exhibition, according to the sound and beneficial nature of our association.

The Itinerant Art Exhibition Partnership. 21st century. (Saint Petersburg) is interested in all that that promotes national identity, representing a work of art in painting, sculpture, graphic arts, theatre or music.

The association`s activities are regulated by Partnership Statutes. Board President is Valery Vyborzhanin.

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